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Stuart Earl (Chairman) Stefan Leonard (Deputy Chairman) Dave Slape (Secretary) Carol Randall (Treasurer)

Peter Woodifield (Travel Secretary), Roy Eagles (Entertainments), Steve Ray (Newsletter) Matthew Hawthorne (Minutes Secretary), Peter Bartlett (Website)

Members: Robert Goddard


We will publish committee meeting minutes here and other committee only information

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Brief notes from the Committee Meeting 16/3/2019

Our thanks to Alan Perrins for opening the World Wide Wolves lounge early so that we could hold our meeting there.  

    Newsletter - Steve plans to build bumper edition at the end of the season - hopefully to include a Cup Final special.    If there are any articles you would like to contribute then please contact Steve to offer them. He is editor@londonwolves.com Especially welcome might be any of your personal experiences of Wembley finals (or even those against Spurs) - we have plenty of photos to support short (or even long!) article.  I hope to dig out some contemporary reports from the WWLSC newsletters of the time.

    Meet the Players - Dave is discussing this with Wolves and is hoping to arrange this for the Watford (Vicarage Road) match

    Flag Day - we expect this to be at the Fulham home match although Berlin Phil will confirm later.  Numbers of flag bearers will be restricted again but we have at least one flag and the banner plus Barry's presumably  - if you would like to volunteer then please contact Peter Abbott (abbswolf@londonwolves.com).  I expect there might be quite a few World Wide Wolves

    Nayls - Lee Naylor, who is now an agent (happy birthday today) was the former player guest in the lounge.   He remembered his player of the season trophy award (he niggled Joleon and MattM as he won first) but I don't have a picture of the presentation, not even in year 2000 magazines when Phil O'C smartened them up - so if anyone has one please let me know.  Lee would be interested too.

    FPA DInner table - is almost full.

    Chelski - Peter managed to get nearly 50 tickets for that!

    End-of-season do - Roy is in planning mode, possibly Brighton again or may have to be Fulham.

    AGM - probably July, probably a Saturday in central London

    plus Rob G is attending a meeting with the Premier League and FSF tomorrow covering many of the major issues at the moment - travel changes, prices, standing etc.

COMMITTEE Meeting 12th April 2018

At the Rose of Denmark Charlton

Topics: AGM, Pensioner membership subscriptions, Reading Postponement

June/July 2017

No minutes


This meeting was convened to discuss matters for the 50th Anniversary dinner at Charlton

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at The Blue Brick on 2 April 2016

Present – Stuart Earl, Dave Slape, Peter Woodifield, Roy Eagles, Carol Randell, Bob Goddard Matthew Hawthorne, Steve Ray and Stefan Leonard

Apologies – Peter Bartlett and Leo Mastbraker

Matters Arising – None

Chairman Report – SE has received another letter from Glaisyers regarding Expro but it was incorrectly addressed and has been returned marked not known at this address.

Secretary Report – We currently have 206 members.  £2633.00 of subs has been paid in and the Golden Goal draw has raised £442.00.

Treasurer Report – Carol confirmed that there is currently around £6,200 in the account after expenses have been paid which includes the deposit for the 50th.   Carol is still looking at high interest accounts.

Travel Secretary report – Peter confirmed that West Ham away was the only game he has had trouble obtaining tickets for.  The club season tickets have been renewed at a cost of £2702.

Magazine report - SR said the end of season newsletter was due at the same time as a special magazine for the 50th.  It was agreed that the cost of a separate issue would be prohibitive and SR will speak to the printer about costings for a separate supplement to go int eh middle of the end of season issue.  

Website Report -  SE will ask PB to put a note on the website that the final payment for the 50th event must be made by 30 April 2016.  

Entertainment Secretary -  RE reported that an end of season trip to the Greyhounds at Monmore Green has been arranged and that all payments were required by the Blackburn game on 9 April.  

Chairman report – SE reported that Dave Hodges is unwell and unable to provide the music for 50th event but that replacement music and a magician had now been arranged.  WE now have 120 booked for the event and need 165 to avoid paying for room hire.  Nearly £2000 has been taken in payment.   RE will see if we can use our contacts to arrange for a couple of barrels of real ale to be provided.  SR said we had been quoted £185 for 200 menu cards and BG said that he will arrange printing of the menus.  SL will arrange obtain the gold and black serviettes and DS provided SE with a list of articles that we still have from the 45th.  DS also reported that Bob Venner has left him with a large number of signed and framed pictures of players that ca be raffled at the event with the proceeds of the raffle being used to reduce his debt to the club.  

Meeting Closed.

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at The Blue Brick on 7 November 2015.

Present – Stuart Earl, Dave Slape, Peter Woodifield, Roy Eagles, Carol Randell, Bob Goddard and Matthew Hawthorne

Apologies – Stefan Leonard, Steve Ray, Peter Bartlett

Matters Arising - None

Secretary Report – We currently have 168 members.  £2050.00 of subs has been paid in and the Golden Goal draw has raised £204.00.

Treasurer Report – Carol confirmed that there is currently £8,228.24 in the account (not including today’s payments or the payment to Charlton).  SE asked if we had received confirmation that Charlton had now cashed the cheque and Carol said we had not.  SE will contact Charlton to find out what is happening.

Travel Secretary report – Peter confirmed that there are two people who owe money, he has spoken to one of them who confirmed they would be settling up shortly.

Website report -  Through DS, PB reported that we have a small ad for Betway hidden away on the homepage.  We have to keep it in the same place for a year and they have paid £260 for this.  They may renew but we can’t run any other betting or hide the ad without having to pay the full amount back.   Jenny is arranging a presentation before the MK Dons match and Mark Fehan has volunteered.   Wolves ran a piece about the WWLSC 50th in the programme in August and we will discuss with them running one nearer the event and some pictures of the event when the season starts.

Entertainment Secretary -  Roy report that due to fixture changes the Christmas do has been cancelled but the Burger lunch will go ahead on 28 November and Mike Bailey will be attending.  A small informal gathering of members is planned before the Nottingham Forest game.  Roy is selling torch key-rings for £2.50 to help raise funds.

Chairman report – Approximately 150 are booked for the 50th dinner if all the guests reply.  We should exceed the 150 required not to have to pay for the room at Charlton.  It was agreed that all payments must be sent to Stuart so that a proper record of who has paid can be kept.  It was also agreed that full payment for the dinner and hotel must be made by the end of the season and this will be detailed in a newsletter.  Ray Stock has put forward some suggestions for entertainment.  The drafts for the 50th badge were discussed and it was unanimously agreed that SE’s suggestion for a badge was the best and DS will contact the badge manufacturer for a quote.

AOB – Steve Ray said that Dave the printer was owed £100 for artwork that SL had him prepare and which PB subsequently used.  PW & DS will liaise with SR about making payment.  The printer has also quoted £200 for his potential continuing services which is much cheaper that ALP were charging.

 CR is going to arrange for some caricatures to be prepared to form part of a silent auction at the 50th.  

 RE suggested arranging a family event for a Sunday in June or July.  Whilst all agreed that this was a good idea it was felt that with the 50th dinner and the annual Walk taking place in June/July 2016 another event may not be possible and it was agreed to put the family event off until 2017.

Meeting Closed.

COMMITTEE UPDATE  27th June 2015 at Gate House, Highgate.

Present:C Randall, P Bartlett, P Woodifield, R Goddard, M Hawthorne, R Eagles, S Ray and D Slape.

Apologies: S Earl and L Masters.

Regarding 2nd May’s meeting, Dave read Paul Richards  reply  to follow up e mail  regarding the Earlier supporters club’s meeting. He said there had been no response from other club’ and he Would look at the proposition again.

Carol reported £1300 in deposits for the 50th Anniversary had been banked and £842 paid out for hotel rooms. Wine [on tables] and menus are needed to enable a ticket price to be set.Thirty minutes are available  for a meeting before the AGM. Also, it was pointed out a auction , on the Night ,is too time consuming. A raffle is better or a silent auction.

There is train disruption at London Bridge main line but the Jubilee Line is fine.

Stuart is dealing with 50th Anniversary badge and design deadline is unknown.

The magazine is due and should include the season’s fixtures. Peter Bartlett will check with Stefan.

Dave will liaise  with Peter Bartlett regarding laminating membership cards..

Committee Meeting  2nd May 2015 Blue Brick, Wolverhampton.


Present: S Earl, S Leonard, P Bartlett, R Goddard, C Randall, P Woodifield, M Hawthorne and D Slape.

Apologies: L Mastbraker, S Ray and R Eagles.


Matters Arising: Stuart and Dave have not heard from Paul Richards following Dave’s e mail of 19/1/15. Dave will e mail Paul again.

Secretary’s Report: Dave reported a total of 240 members having paid in £2165 in Subscriptions. Also, £502-50 Goalden Gate draw money with a further £57-50 today.

Treasurer: Carol stated there was just under £11,000 in the bank account. High interest accounts would be better  but a Club rule change would be required first.

Travel: Peter had nothing special to report on the last trip of the season. There may be a trip to Burton in July and also the home friendly.

Entertainment: Several members are off to Bully’ s restaurant tonight.

 Magazine: Stefan apologised for the non appearance of the magazine which, will now be a bumper issue in July. The fixtures plus an article on Sir Jack will be included.

Website: Peter reported the archive section had been revamped.

 Any Other Business: Dave is to  arrange a Central London venue for the AGM, on Friday 31st July 2015.

Regarding the 50th Anniversary, Stuart and Stef prefer the Suite behind the goal at the Valley which, holds more people and has no pillars in the room. Tickets to cost between £50 and £60 a member.Stuart has found a suitable hotel in Blackheath for the guests. It offers a 10% discount and will hold 2015 prices.  Rooms are at £99 Including breakfast and a deposit of £742-50 is required for 30 rooms. Stuart is seeking help with guests from Jez Moxey and Richard Skirrow. Simon Yates, who arranged the recent brewery tour, could be approached regarding two barrels of Banks’s beer. Non refundable deposits are to be requested in the magazine.

 Meeting Closed.

Saturday November 22nd 2014

 Blue Brick , Wolverhampton

Committee Present: S Earl, R Goddard,R Eagles, M Hawthorne, P Woodifield, C Randall, D Slape and S Leonard.

Apologies: L Mastbraker and S Ray.

Matters Arising: None.

Secretary: Dave reported a 217 membership including, 145 from August 2014. Subscriptions paid in £1676 and £263 for the Goalden Gate draws.

Entertainment: Roy requested a deposit for the Christmas Lunch which, is for 76 booked including, 22 guests and a marquee. Paul Richards had agreed to Supply match tickets and some raffle prizes including, a signed shirt. Roy requested two people to assist with drinks for the guests.

Treasurer: Carol reported the High Interest Account was closed and funds transferred to the current account which, stood at £2000 plus. Also, that better interest would accrue if the account was in a single name. A single name was thought to be a bad idea for accountability reasons.

Stuart stated the ten year Limited Company payment of £200 was due. It was agreed to pay for the dormant account,to avoid pirates taking our name.

Any Other Business: Stuart said the 50th Anniversary will be on 16th July 2016 and deposits are to be requested in the end of season magazine  2015.A earlier start was suggested but Stuart said less time should taken up by speeches and raffles.

Dave asked regarding the sponsorship of Wolves Women which, was confirmed for 2014-15.

Meeting Closed.

Saturday January 11th 2014


                                     Lych Gates Tavern, Queen Square , Wolverhampton.

Attending: S Earl, P Woodifield, C Randall,S Ray, R Eagles, S Armett and D Slape.

Apologies:P Bartlett, L Masters, R Goddard M Hawthorne and S Leonard.

Chairman: Stuart said he had heard nothing from EXPRO, regarding the Doog  DVD’s. Also, He had earmarked three dates in 2016, for the 50th  Anniversary , at Charlton. He added That the function room might not be big enough for the many indicating  attendance.

Secretary: Dave stated that membership stood at 126 plus, 76 from December12-July 13. Subscriptions paid in total £1801 .  The Goalden  Gate lottery has raised £336.50 plus £50 [paid in today].

Treasurer:Carol was still waiting for banking paperwork from  Tim. Stuart will e mail him.  Carol  proposed a Subscription  increase at the AGM .  It was thought a £2 rise. She also Suggested a fund raising event in the summer. David Hodges has access to the Market Porter pub free of charge  and could organise a disco. Also, the Club need a debit  card  As Peter uses his own and is reimbursed. Peter and Carol have heard nothing from Whathouse.

Travel: Peter said that Joe Blackman’s bank transfer had not been received. Match tickets And travel are  going well. Also, thanks to Roy ,for his hospitality  at Shrewsbury.

Magazine:Steve stated the magazine is being created for proof reading. Also,  articlesare needed for now and the future.

Website: £110 has been raised through advertising  but a software problem has caused pages to go missing.

Entertainment: Roy was very pleased with the Blue Brick,for the Christmas party. The food And the guests were execellent.Also, The Club  earned 8300  points,or £80 on a Blue Brick Loyalty card. Also, it would be good to hold future meetings there and also use the bar at Other  times. Steve asked if the loyalty card could be left behind the bar and Carol said she  would ask  at the Blue Brick. Roy thanked Dave and Peter Bartlett for their help.

Any Other Business:   Stuart said members were asking what some committee members do, when they have no designated job.

Roy asked if Papal (?PayPal) would benefit the Club  but Steve advised against, citing cost. Peter said Peter Bartlett’s e mail advertising  a meal  at SteveBull’s restaurant,followed by horse racing  , before the Walsall match. Carol said this would show the Club supporting  Bull’s charity, as we did Jody Craddock’s.


                              The Grain Store ,King Street, Wolverhampton

Attending: S Earl, P Woodifield. C Randall, S Armett, R Eagles, S Leonard, P Bartlett , R Goddard And D Slape.

Apologies: L Masters, S Ray and M Hawthorne.

Chairman:  Stuart welcomed the new Treasurer, Carol and thanked those attending. He said a Letter had been received from EXPRO’s  solicitors ,by e mail,giving two weeks notice of action.  This could possibly be at waiting for him at home.Also, the company account s had been  Received   and filed. Steve Ray  had requested assistance  with the magazine  match reports Incurring payment of £30 which, was agreed.

Secretary: Dave reported a membership of 84 but omitted those from  September 2012 to July 2013. Subscriptions paid in totalled £982 plus £173-50 for the Goalden Gate Draw. He thanked  Robert for producing the membership cards.

Treasurer: Carol stated deposits for  the Christmas Party and 50th  Anniversary, should be Non refundable.Also,  we should be raising finance for the 50th do soon, in 2014. Stuart agreed and said it was inhand.

Travel: Peter said travel was running smoothly and all match tickets were obtained except, for the  Shrewsbury match. Only one person owes money from last season.

Newsletter: Stefan is liaising  with Steve regarding new ideas and taking over  editing.

Website: Peter  stated there was a  £41-20 papal  for a sponsored page on the website. Regarding the questionnaire of away fans, there is still time . Peter to send a link with  the Arsenal Reserves information.

Entertainment:  Roy had  booked 12 for tonight’s race meeting but only 8 are attending. It was decided to pursue the cancelations and reimbuse Roy . Regarding  the Christmas Party, Roy had asked for prices at The Grain Store  and will look at a restaurant nearby. Jason Guy has stated Jody Craddock can attend. Also, there will be no deposits taken.

Any Other Business: The sponsorship for Wolves Women has not been paid and Dave  will follow up with Jenny Wilkes on Monday.

Carol showed the committee a credit card holder which, could be engraved for the 50th Anniversary,at cost of £5 each.  The committee agreed it was definitely   worth a thought                                                                    

Peter [Woodifield]  stated a Whathouse rep  was on the train and they could possibly Sponsor a London Wolves leisure  shirt T he rep will  contact him or the website address.

Meeting Closed at 1-45.

Feb2013 ??






MEETNG: Stuart opened meeting at 1935 pm.

Stuart asked if everybody had received " e" mails and read them regarding Mr O'Connor and Mr B. Baker so that time could be saved, everyone had received them. Stuart thanked Mr B Baker for turning up and explained that Mr P O'Connor was unable to do so as he was working late and flying to the USA early morning. Barry Baker admitted it was the wrong thing to do after a few pints, but that Phil O'Connor had never accepted him as a London Wolves member again. Barry said he remembers the incident differently, but if Peter and Dave say different, then he must agree with what happened. A discussion followed with Barry stating his points and the committee responding. Rule 5 was read out to Barry and explained that it made no difference if he travelled on his own as he was still a member and had to behave as per rule 5. Barry was asked to leave the room while the committee discussed the matter further. After further discussion the committee agreed that Barry Baker was in breach of rule 5 and that he would serve a six month ban and a warning as to his future conduct. Barry Baker was informed of this in person and accepted the committee's decision.


SECRETARY’S REPORT: Dave stated that there were 157 members and 82 from last year making a total of 239.

Sales bought in £16.83p. We had 66 of Ivan's shirts, but up to present we have only sold three. Subs bought in £1922.


TRAVEL SECRETARY: Peter was hoping to book earlier and later trains due to ticket prices. Peter has managed to get cheap deals for

the games with Newcastle and Norwich City. Peter also pointed out

that all ticket requests had been met. We will be renewing club S/TS

on the early bird.


TREASURERS REPORT: Unfortunately Tim was unable to attend, but Peter pointed out that in our current account we had £6086.80p up to January.


NEWSLETTER: Stefan stated that he and Stuart had decided that a double page edition would do and a full newsletter would be issued at the end of the season. ALP our printers have closed down. Stef and Steve Ray will liaise over the magazine. If Stef can get the software Steve will format it and we will find a printer.


WEBSITE: Peter Bartlett said he has had an enquiry from Terrace Voice regarding London Wolves fans input. This can be sent out to anyone subscribing who has an internet phone. The cost is £1.99p per month from March this year till end of next season. It was agreed we should give it a try.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Stuart said we keep getting letters from a solicitor regarding the Doogs Video. Stuart dealt with the last of these regarding money allegedly owed to XPRO . Since then Stuart said that the Xpro charity has been removed from the Doogs list. They have also sent a letter to Stan Armett who immediately passed the letter over to Stuart. These letters have been signed by a clerk not the solicitor. This guy is not a solicitor but almost. It was agreed that if Bob and his people from PRO keep on , we should send them a donation of lp as no specific amount was ever mentioned.


Because of the departure of Mick McCarthy we are still in Limbo regarding meet the players. Please keep an eye on the website for any further details.Peter said London Wolves are sponsoring Dorius DeVrius.


It was arranged that Stuart will send out a letter to every member reminding them of what is acceptable behaviour from members on train trips.

The meeting was closed at 21.22pm

COMMITTEE MEETING 3/3/2009 Railway Telegaph ,Thornton Heath.

COMMITTEE; S Earl, P Woodifield, S Leonard, S Ray D Slape, B Goddard, P Bartlett and S Armett.


CHAIRMAN; Stuart advised three of five Wolves Greats posters had been sold, at £250 each. The only signatures still to be obtained are Bert Williams and Bill Slater.Also, an e mail regarding a supporters website had been circularised. Peter Bartlett said the website advertising benefits.

SECRETARY; Dave stated membership stood at 146 plus 85 from last season.Subscriptions totalled £2016 plus £37 in donations.

On the sales side , Derek Dougan books ,dvd's and poster had raised £230, £30 and £20 respectively.Other sales and the train competions £21.50 and £74 (£54 and £20).

TRAVEL;Peter advised Virgin train times had been cut to 1.75 hours but fares had risen by £4 to £20. Three Early Bird season tickets had been purchased and the other four will be bought next week.On average 40 members travel to home matches.

TREASURER; Peter stated £6511.74 was in the HSBC account , although £1900 will be spent on the four season tickets.

MAGAZINE; Stefan apologised for the errors in the December magazine. Regarding Roy Swinbourne, Stefan and Stuart both wrote to Peter Creed and Stuart to Bill Slater.Stefan praised Steve for his match reports and Peter Bartlett for statistics.

WEBSITE; Peter said he was unable to update the website so often, due to work commitments.

The player of the year award should be collated by the Nottingham Forrest game for a Q P R presentation.He mentioned forthcoming Player of the Year dinner and Sponsors lunch. The former being overpriced and at Telford and the sponsors lunch could be offered to members at £35.and is to be held at Compton.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS; It was suggested by Jack Leonard that Robert Plant be offered honorary membership.The motion was carried.

Member Roy Eagles has arranged greyhound evening for the night before the Doncaster match.

Peter Bartlett has spoken to Merlyn regarding the Derek Dougan statue.




S Earl, S Leonard, P Woodifield, R Goddard, P Bartlett, D Slape, T Richard, S Armett, S Ray, M Hawthorne


S Knapp, L Master


 Stuart thanked Stefan for hosting the meeting.  The last committee meeting was a year ago but most of the committee had met in the City Bar recently.  Thanks also to Stefan for the December Magazine for which many favourable comments have been received.  Stuart congratulated Peter Bartlett on the Doog DVD on which he has spent many hours.  There has been a meeting with Rachael Heyhoe Flint regarding a Doog statue, possibly in a future garden.

Minutes of previous meeting:

No comments.


Dave reported 121 members in 2007-8 plus 134 from last year.   Subscriptions paid to date £1602 plus £4 donations.


Tim stated that the deposit account stood at £2085-28 and the current account between £4000 and £5000.


Peter reported a profit of £372-40 on club trips.  Fares have increased by £1 to £17;  this is the first increase for five years. Ticket debts have been reduced leaving £40.

Travel insurance:  it was decided not to pursue in view of cost.


Sarah is to resign due to work commitments. 


Stefan thanked Steve for all his work on the magazine.  The Doog section was particularly well received and Merlyn phoned Stef to thank him.


Peter reported that the change in website server was due to a £50 discrepancy.  The new server incorporated all email addresses.

Unforgettable Doog DVD

Peter stated £2250 received with £2200 invoiced from the DVD.  The last batch of 1000 cost less than £1 each to produce with a sell out price of £6.50 to £10.  London Wolves will take £1 a copy for the work involved and the remainder of the profits are for Xpro, Doog's charity.  We have around 800 in stock out of 1800 produced at a total cost of £2900.  Doug Hope has underwritten the cost of the DVDs.  HMV and W H Smith are selling the DVD and the Wolves Club Shop will as of the 18th.

Any Other Business

A complaint has been received from Phil O'Connor concerning Barry Baker at QPR.  It was decided Dave to speak with Barry and Stuart with Phil.

The Wolves in Pictures competition was won by George Sinagra in Malta and Tom in Oz.

The Fans' Parliament has no London Wolves Committee member on it, although we are represented by Chris Cox or Jim Heath.  Tim volunteered (when Parliament expands)

Regarding end of season "Meet the Players", Stefan said the Friday before Charlton at the Marriott Hotel Bexleyheath was most likely

The latest on the 1921 shirt is that doubts of its authenticity were raised by Graham Hughes, the historian at Molineux


Meeting closed 9:51pm



PRESENT: S.Earl. P. Woodifield. D.Slape. S.Armett. S.Ray. S Knapp. M.Hawthorne. P .Bartlett. S.Leonard. L.Masters

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Bob Goddard. Tim Richards

The chairman opened the meeting at 19.55 and welcomed everybody to the first meeting in the new year. Hopefully everybody had received the minutes of the last meeting and had read them.

MATTERS ARISING: Stuart said that at the last meeting Stan had raised the matter about Cardiff fans being barred from Wolves. Stuart pointed out that he had not had any response from Jez Moxey. Stan said be had e mail from Jez and it virtually read that the decision bad been made and will not be changed. Stuart also bought up the fact that the London Underground Wolves issue still bad not been resolved. but B.Baker has informed us that has sent an email to stop this. We feel that the delay might be down to Jason their printer and Stuart will speak to B.Baker again.

It was pointed out that the Wolves shirt we have is a 1921 issue not a 1908 as first thought. Stan also asked if we had resolved the issue of our bank statements still going to D. Hodges. Stuart said be thinks they are going to Tim. but unfortunately' be is not here to confirm this.

SECRETARIES REPORT: Dave asked to be put on record that contrary to reports he is not topping himself, duly noted.  David said that the membership stood at 125 plus 142 from last season. We have paid in £1550 up  to the 20th January 2007. Peter said that we have banked £207 for the I.. Cartwright collection fund and that there should be another £25 to go in.

There were no questions for the secretary .

TRAVEL SECRETARIES REPORT: We have made £15 profit from travel. but when some outstanding monies are collected .it should be about £I5O -£200 .There were a few booking problems with Virgin over the Christmas and new year period but apart from that it has been O.K. We have had no problem obtaining match tickets.

There were no questions for the travel secretary

TREASURERS REPORT: The treasurer bas not turned up and there are no figures available at present.

SOCIAL SECRET ARIES REPORT: Sarah stated that she is happy to be on the committee ,but pointed out that she has not bad a lot to do at present as Stefan was arranging the meet the players do.  Sarah said she would try and arrange an evening at the greyhounds. Wimbledon seemed a likely venue. Once again Sarah pointed out that she is very happy to be involved with London Wolves and would do her very best


NEWSLETTER: It was pointed out that most of the members get their information by email and the few that do not. hav'e it printed out and sent to them.

Any Questions. David said that he bad rung the Pied Bull regarding meet the players and the new landlord said there should not be any problems. David said he would check about the parking for the  coach.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Sarah thanked the committee for the flowers that were sent to her regarding her operation. she said they were MEGA Stuart pointed out that he had a call from D. Dougan regarding the Ian Cartwright benefit fund. Stuart was asked to put a proposal to the committee that if we take two tables ( i.e.) 5 members and 5 former players at each table, he will let us have any remaining prints and memorabilia be has left to sell of to our members, or on E Bay whichever the committee decide and keep the takings. It would mean the club paying the £1000 up front and the money would be retrieved later with the sales. Sarah asked proposed taking it out of  the High Interest Account and paying it back in as the money comes in.  It was also pointed out that this would be good publicity for London Wolves. This was agreed by the committee. Leo pointed out that the London Wolves Website was brill Well done Peter Bartlett. Stuart received an email from Bill Singleton proposing that K.Earl be allowed to apply for membership to London Wolves again. It was pointed out by Stefan. that of the two parties that caused havoc at the pied bull, one had been reinstated. so the other should be allowed to apply for membership. The proposal was seconded by S. Leonard and the voting was unanimous in favour of the proposal.  Sarah asked if there was a date in mind for the next meeting.  Stuart said he would discuss this with the new landlord and if we had to change our day to Tuesday would it be alright. Everyone agreed. Sarah also suggested having the meetings in the Glasshouse. This would be

discussed. There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 21.20.


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